Travel Consultations

Traveler's Health Consultation

- Yellow Fever accredited Vaccination Center

Before you go overseas....

Every year, Australian travelers become ill while travelling overseas or return with avoidable problems. Make an appointment with one of our doctors for a travel consultation.

Travel consultation:

To ensure that you have the best advice and protection before you travel, our doctors require time for a thorough check-up before your vaccination.

Please book a 30 minute separate consultation for this travel advice.

2 family members – 45 minutes.  3 or more family members – 1hr

Medicare does not cover travel advice appointments, so a private fee is applicable.

  • Bring your travel itinerary with the exact destinations and length of time you will be away. This will enable the doctor to pinpoint the right vaccinations and medications needed.
  • Please bring a list of previous vaccines.
  • It's important that you discuss your personal travel plans with a health professional to ensure you have the correct vaccinations for your trip and any booster doses of childhood vaccinations you may need.
  • Patients that have had vaccines at Central Clinic will have these documented in their health record.


We aim to deliver a timely service, as we understand you would appreciate being able to have your vaccines on the same day as your consultation.

Vaccinations may be an entry requirement of some countries. In some countries you may be refused entry or required to have the vaccination at the border.

It's never too late to vaccinate; some vaccines may require a long period to take effect and more than one dose may be needed so ideally having a travel consultation 6 - 8 weeks before traveling is recommened.

We have a full range of vaccines here on site for your convenience.

Some of the vaccines you may require:

  • Whooping Cough vaccine - highly recommended for new patients and their close adult relatives
  • Hepatitis A
  • Typhoid (lasts only 3 years so is a regular requirement for travel)
  • Cholera
  • Yellow Fever
  • Influenza (yearly vaccination recommended)
  • Rabies
  • Chicken Pox
  • Measles, Mumps & Rubella
  • Tetanus & Diptheria
  • Polio

Your Medications:

If you’re taking medicines overseas, we recommend that you:

  • discuss with your doctor the medication you’ll need to take
  • carry clinic documentations stating what the medication is and the said dosage
  • Keep medication in its original packaging so it’s clearly labelled with your name and dosage instructions.

If you’re travelling with medication, make sure it’s legal in the countries you’re visiting. If you need to travel with large quantities of medication, its good practice to separate the quantity between your luggages’s in case your bags go missing. Keep all your medications in the original, labelled container to avoid customs problems.

Take enough medications to cover the length of your trip.