Telephone and Telehealth

We understand how important the trusted relationship you have with your Medical Practitioner is to you and your family. If there are reasons why you cannot attend our clinic to see your Medical Practitioner face-to-face, you may wish to call them.

It is important to note that our Medical Practitioners are unable to accept calls whilst consulting, unless it is an emergency.

As you can appreciate our doctors are busy attending to other patients and often don’t have time until the end of the day to return phone calls. If your call is deemed urgent, you will be put through to a nurse as a part of our triage service.

For all other matters of a non-urgent nature, our friendly reception team will notify your Medical Practitioner by internal electronic communication of your call so that the Medical Practitioner can advise of appropriate action to be taken. e.g. A return phone call from our Practice Nurse. Central Clinic aims to have all calls returned on the day received (unless your Medical Practitioner is not consulting that day). On some occasions, there could be a delay that is beyond our control due to unforeseen circumstances.


Telehealth and Telephone Appointments

For all Telehealth or Telephone appointment bookings, please navigate to the HotDoc app and select “Telephone consult” or “Telehealth consult” appointment type, or book with our friendly Reception staff.

Phone Consults are available for exisiting patients only, We cannot conduct Telephone Consults for new patients (nor for any existing patients have not been to our clinic for a Face to Face consult in the past 12 months) under Medicare’s rules.

It is recommended to keep your phone nearby, ensuring you have silent mode switched off, ready for your Telephone or Telehealth call from your Doctor. At times, your call may appear as a No Caller ID.

Following your appointment consultation, if you require documentation such as Medical Certificates or Referrals, we can email this directly to you. In order for Reception to forward your documents via email, consent is obtained from the patient and the patient is notified verbally of a password to access the requested document.