Recall and Reminder System

We send reminders to prompt you about your booked appointment or to encourage you to make an appointment. Reminders help manage and encourage your preventative health care.

An SMS or a letter is sent for:

  • Your scheduled appointment. (For all patients that did not reply to the 1st appointment reminder SMS, a 2nd SMS run is done as a friendly reminder in the afternoon for following days appointments. Patients who have made their appointment after the 1st SMS run went out will receive their SMS reminder for the following day in the 2nd SMS run).
  • Clinical reminders: if you are due for an immunisation, routine screen such as CST, mammogram or skin check.
  • Results follow-up reminders (we may attempt to contact you more than once if you have not made an appointment).


Becoming a patient of the clinic infers your consent to communications and that your wish to be excluded from communications needs to be lodged with reception.

If you do not wish to receive reminders via SMS. You can Opt-Out of this service at any time by replying STOP.

Replying STOP will stop all types of SMS's (including clinical reminders and results follow up reminders). Clinical reminders and results follow up reminders are sent as a letter.

Should you expressly opt-out at reception or over the phone, a receptionist can assist you with the types of reminders you would like to opt-out of.

SMS Notifications

All patients who have provided their mobile telephone numbers and agreed to receive SMS reminders and have a pre-booked appointment are sent an SMS message . Please advise reception staff if you are not receiving SMS reminders and wish to receive them.

Patients are included on National and State recall registers. This practice also sends out recall letters to patients for pap smears, immunization, blood pressure check etc. Please advise reception if you do not wish to participate in these recalls/reminder systems.

If your doctor has ordered an investigation they have done so as they believe it is important to your health. Please have the test performed and make an appointment with your doctor to review the results. Please do not assume the test result is normal because you have not been contacted by your doctor.