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Warragul Skin Cancer Clinic

Skin cancer

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in Australia.

80% of newly diagnosed cancers are skin related.

More than 10,000 men and women are diagnosed with melanoma each year.

Over 1750 people still die from melanoma.

Majority of skin cancers are curable if detected early enough.

Central Clinic Lifelong Care for our Patients

At Warragul Skin Cancer Clinic we offer our patients modern medical technology to assist in monitoring your skin.


The FotoFinder Total Body Mapping System captures the entire skin surface taking photographs of your body systematically - from head to toe. Our modern equipment then creates a map of your moles.

Dermoscopy is performed with a handheld instrument called a dermatoscope to ‘see through’ the top layer of skin so your doctor can assess what is happening to skin cells below.


Mapping with Skin Check

Your initial appointment will commence with one of our Skin Clinic nurses; specially trained in operating the The FotoFinder Total Body Mapping System.

Your doctor will do a thorough full skin check. Digital Dermoscopy is used on suspicious lesions.

The photographs are stored securely in the FotoFinder System and at follow up appointments they are used for comparison to identify new or changing skin lesions.

Your doctor will discuss with you recommendations for ongoing monitoring. For some patients this may be annual Mapping with Skin Check appointments, for others you may also be recommended to have more frequent Skin Checks.

Skin Check

Skin checks are performed by your doctor and your previous images can be looked at for comparison and monitoring. The doctor may also identify new lesions which require monitoring, these can be photographed using the digital dermatoscope and stored in FotoFinder system.

Fees and Services:

Mapping with Skin Check

upto $200
  • FotoFinder Total Body Mapping System
  • Digital Dermoscopy - a device to magnify skin lesions
  • Full body skin check with doctor
  • Treatment plan

Skin Check

upto $145
  • Digital Dermoscopy - a device to magnify skin lesions
  • Full body skin check with doctor
  • Treatment Plan

Please note: missed appointments or those cancelled at less than 24 hours notice will attract a fee of $100, which is not claimable on Medicare.

Additional Information:

  • Most skin mapping appointments will take about 45 minutes however sometimes a little longer. Please allow extra time just in case you have other appointments.
  • Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment time to prepare for the photography.
  • Do not wear any form of makeup, nail polish, false nails or jewellery.
  • Remove any dirt, grease, oil, from your skin.
  • Do not have spray tan or use tanning creams within 10 days of skin check.
  • You will be required to undress to your underwear only, all care is taken to ensure your privacy, gowns are provided if required
  • Please inform your doctor about any skin lesions you are concerned about no matter where they are.

Claiming your Medicare Rebate

Must have valid Medicare Card for all appointments. We recommend you register for direct Medicare rebate recovery for Medicare Easy Claim or provide an ATM card with savings/cheque account for the refund.

Medicare will pay a rebate toward consultations but not screening photographs or procedures. Check with your private health insurer for more subsidies.

Biopsy or Excision

lf abnormal lesions are identified by your doctor during your appointment, you may be advised to return for a biopsy/excision. This will be performed in one of our specially equipped procedure rooms, by the doctor who attended to your skin examination.

Our procedure room equipment is maintained to the highest standards, we are accredited with GPA for maintaining sterilisation procedures and follow strict RACGP regulation requirements.

Biopsy will be performed under a local anesthetic and sent for pathology analysis.

Excision is where skin cancer is removed surgically. Our doctors specialise in all techniques for removing skin cancer where the whole lesion is removed under local anaesthetic and sent for pathology testing.

Fees vary between $30 and $80 depending on time required for each procedure. A discount applies to pension and healthcare card holders. DVA free.

Cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen

Cryotherapy or ‘freezing’ with liquid nitrogen is an effective way to treat several skin conditions, including Actinic Keratoses, which are commonly known as ‘pre skin cancer’.


A referral to a specialised surgeon may be necessary, your doctor will discuss this with you.