Survive the heat tips

Suncare Health tips for summer.

Drink more water Drink plenty of water, even if you don’t feel thirsty. Keep a full drink bottle with you. Take small sips of water frequently. If your doctor normally limits your fluids, check how much you should drink during hot weather. Never leave anyone in a car Never leave children, adults or pets in…

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Central Clinic welcomes the Foot & Ankle Clinic

Central Clinic and Foot and Ankle Clinic

We are excited to announced that Gippsland’s most experienced Podiatry Service provider, The Foot and Ankle Clinic (TFAAC) is is now operating from Central Clinic. Having originally been established in 1994 (formerly known as Gippsland Foot Clinic), TFAAC has expanded to offer Podiatry services in clinics located throughout Gippsland and in eastern metropolitan Melbourne, and…

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Whooping Cough

Remember to immunise so you don't risk a more dangerous illness

Infected family members may unknowingly pass Whooping Cough on to a new baby. Babies in their first months of life are at greatest risk from whooping cough. Newborns are especially vulnerable to infection until they have completed their full three dose course of whooping cough vaccines at 6 months of age. Adult whooping cough vaccination is recommended to…

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