AutoMed helping Central Clinic to provide good patient care

We send reminders to prompt you about your booked appointment or to encourage you to make an appointment through Automed which is fully integrated with our practice management software.

AutoMed is Australian designed and patented, for Australian practices and has been designed in accordance in RACGP guidelines and has undergone a review by AGPAL to ensure that accreditation is not compromised.

A dedicated SMS Sim card has been assigned to our practice and includes an unlimited number of MMS messages (MMS messages are not restricted to 160 characters as SMS’s are).

We can literally send thousands of messages at no additional cost to ensure that our patients are kept in the loop.

Another important benefit is that our patients receive all their communication from the practice from 1 single number, increasing their confidence in privacy.

  • All contact attempts and correspondence is saved to patient’s record.
  • If you do not wish to receive reminders via SMS. You can request to Opt-Out of this service. Opting out of our SMS reminders will stop all types of SMS’s (including clinical reminders and results follow up reminders).
  • Automed automatically generates a recall letter, for patients who can’t be contacted by SMS or have not attended after all contact attempts.


– Our appointment reminders are tailored to specific appointment types

– An automatic 2nd message is sent to patients that have not replied

– YES or NO replies let reception know whether the appointment is confirmed or cancelled


If your doctor requires you to make an appointment an SMS will be sent. You will receive 3 contact attempts until your results are discussed.


Reminders help manage and encourage your preventative health care. E.g. if you are due for an immunisation, routine screen such as CST, mammogram or skin check. You will receive 3 contact attempts.