Welcome Dr. Rebecca Ireland to The Foot & Ankle Clinic Warragul!

Doctor Rebecca Ireland at the The Foot & Ankle Clinic Warragul!

Doctor Rebecca Ireland at the The Foot & Ankle Clinic Warragul.

The Foot & Ankle Clinic Warragul would like to welcome Dr. Rebecca Ireland to their team. Dr. Ireland grew up in Melbourne and has a Degree in Health Science from Monash University and a Bachelor of Health Sciences/Master of Podiatric Practice from Latrobe University.

Rebecca loves keeping active whether through team sports such as netball, rowing and calisthenics or more recently through regular yoga, swimming or traipsing around her parent’s farm.

Earlier this year Dr. Ireland worked in New South Wales providing Podiatry services to remote communities. She also has experience in the Public, Community and Private sectors across Victoria. “Personal experience and observations have led me to believe that patients who are involved in their care and interact with their care providers achieve the best outcomes. So I look forward to working with you soon and utilising the innovative treatment modalities available at The Foot & Ankle Clinic to assist you. Prevention is key! This pearl of wisdom has stuck with me since my Health promotion major at Monash,” highlighted Rebecca.

Interestingly, Rebecca does not only wish to treat your existing complaints, but she hopes to prevent future issues from developing by providing a holistic approach to your wellbeing.

Dr. Ireland is very pleased to be part of The Foot & Ankle Clinic’s experienced Podiatry team and is available for appointments on Tuesday and Thursdays at The Foot and Ankle Clinic, Warragul. They are located at Central Clinic, 170 Normanby Street, Warragul: phone 5611 9585 for a booking.